CONFERENCE – Impact of Trauma on Care Experienced Children

The Special Educational Needs Advice Centre (SENAC) are hosting a conference to raise awareness and understanding of the impact of trauma on care experienced children and young people.

Key note presentation by Louise Bombèr, Strategic Attachment Lead Teacher & Therapist and Eminent Author on Attachment will deliver a 90 min keynote speech: The Human Bridge Towards Recovery-Settling to Learn’

EJ Havlin, Northern Ireland Director of Adoption UK‘Bridging the Gap: Giving Adopted Children an Equal Chance to Learn’  Adoption UK Campaign

Sheila Lavery, Author of Let’s Learn Together and Co-ordinator of TESSA  Therapeutic Education and Support Services in Adoption

Tracy Adams, Education Advocate for SENAC’s ‘Every Chance to Learn’ project which advocates for educational support specifically for children and young people within the care system.

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Trauma poster